What we do

"We always aim to be the predictable in a world of uncertainty and change"

CHQ is an independent specialist security technology and resilience consultancy practice.

We work with high profile clients within the Defence, Justice, Police, Critical National Infrastructure and Commercial sectors.

Our ethos is to always produce the highest standard of service for our clients maintaining unparalleled levels of communication. We respect the environment in everything we do and manage our resources in a sustainable and responsible way. We always aim to be the predictable in a world of uncertainty and change.

  • Retail
    Loss prevention and asset protection are key to the retail industry. A robust security plan is essential to manage all areas of vulnerability.
  • Commercial
    DR and BC goes a long way to ensuring that a commercial organisation is protected but being proactive with security management will protect an organisation before DR is needed.
  • Manufacturing
    Process control and business continuity are two key aspects of security relating to manufacturing. A PSIM approach may be necessary to provide critical information.
  • Counter Terrorism
    Counter Terrorism
    Security Vulnerability Assessments, Security Audits and Operational Requirements
  • Defence
    Protecting Personnel, Facilities and National Security
  • Custodial
    In depth end-to-end integrated security solutions for Police & HM Prison Establishments
  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment
    Threat analysis, Security strategy and deployment,
    Compliance, and stress testing
  • Integrated Technology
    Integrated Technology
    Joined up, effective and proportionate technology measures
  • Project Management
    Project Management
    Effective Project Delivery