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  • Secure Physical Data Disposal
    Secure Physical Data Disposal
    As an organisation in the UK you are required under the Data Protection Act 1998 to have a robust policy covering the storage and disposal of data.
  • Control Room Design
    Control Room Design
    A suitable and proportional control room along with its associated areas is essential to the implementation of a robust security strategy.
  • Security Evaluation
    Security Evaluation
    A robust security policy must address issues related to its members as well as the constraints of it adversaries by a mechanism of physical and procedural security.
  • Ground Radar
    Ground Radar
    Radar technology is inherently suited for wide area surveillance. It can quickly sweep a full 360 degrees
  • Microwave Barriers
    Microwave Barriers
    These barriers generate an invisible three dimensional microwave beam that passes between a transmitter and a receiver.
  • Fibre Optic Detection
    Fibre Optic Detection
    Fibre optic detection systems can detect a single zone in excess 6km and up to 60km.
  • Subterranean Pressure Detection
    Subterranean Pressure Detection
    Two tubes are installed underground to set up a discrete detection sensor.
  • Subterranean Electromagnetic Field
    Subterranean Electromagnetic Field
    Cables are installed underground to set up a discrete electromagnetic proximity detection field.
  • Microphonic Cable
    Microphonic Cable
    Physical perimeter security is an effective deterrent to intruders with metal fencing being very popular.
  • Motion Detectors
    Motion Detectors
    There are many technologies used to make motion detectors, some are active in that they emit energy such as microwave or radar.
  • Active IR Beams
    Active IR Beams
    Active infra-red beams allow an invisible fence to be created. The fence is made up of two units, transmitter and receiver.
  • Pyracantha
    One of the most environmentally friendly forms of perimeter security is vegetation.
  • Electric Fence
    Electric Fence
    Electric fences have a high degree of psychological deterrent in that people fear them.
  • Razor Mesh / Welded Mesh
    Razor Mesh / Welded Mesh
    There are many forms of security fencing including welded mesh and razor mesh.
  • The Principles of PIDS
    The Principles of PIDS
    The first principle to “Demarcate” will clearly define the boundary of restricted areas. Visual demarcation will generally be the fence line itself
  • Intruder Detection
    Intruder Detection
    An intruder detection system generally falls in to one of two distinct categories, domestic and commercial.
  • Access Control Basics
    Access Control Basics
    Electronic access control can be defined as any system that restricts access based on authority to enter.
  • Considering CCTV
    Considering CCTV
    In order to maximise the benefits of your CCTV system it is important to establish some basic criteria