Recent Projects

Freight Terminal

A recent project has been Europe’s largest container port and logistics park. Our system design satisfies both security and operational requirements for the port. It facilitates the work of the UK Border Agency and allows the owner to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, the maritime sector’s response to 9/11. CHQ’s security measures include monitoring of the ISPS demarcation line utilising i-LIDS compliant video analytics, thermal imaging, access control and perimeter intrusion detection. System implementation involved significant liaison with many third parties as the security system spans over 30 separate building and infrastructure contracts including a new rail link.

Data Centre

CHQ were engaged to carry out a threat and vulnerability assessment for a new build high-security data centre in Birmingham. To design an integrated electronic security system to reduce the risks, prepare the detailed system designs including schematics, cable schedules and cause and effect matrices. The design includes high levels of video analytics and biometric identification. The Access Control comprises of smart card readers, fingerprint readers and iris readers all running on a central control platform.

Research Facility

The commission included site wide CCTV, access control & intruder alarm systems over an IP backbone. Data centres, laboratories, research facility, admin/office areas all formed part of the site footprint. The challenges of providing a high level of security in such an open and public facing environment lead us to develop a scheme that has a low visual impact but is technically strong in providing the resilience and surveillance that is warranted for such a facility. Individual challenges were met with innovation. Designing a system that minimises the need for maintainers to enter a sterile environment provides a cost efficient solution. The entire electronic system is integrated in to a centralised control room to provide the security personnel with relevant and real-time information allowing them to fulfil their assignment efficiently and effectively.

Police Operational Command Unit and Custody Centre

Design of an integrated security system including CCTV cameras, access controlled doors, intercom units, and affray alarms based on an IP network for a new build Police Custody and Divisional HQ Building. The project included the defining of the Operator Requirements through a series of interactive client practitioner workshops and the production of a detailed specification thereby setting the standard for the estate upgrade programme. The key to the success of this project was in the early engagement with the client team to capture their requirements and develop solutions which enabled a more efficient operation of the facility. Close co-ordination with the operational management team with appropriate consideration to change management minimised impact on incoming staff. .

Corporate Headquarters – London

This project has been designed to reflect the needs to portray a safe and secure environment for the public and employees, protect the people, the business and its assets and not be overbearing or intimidating in any way. The system provides a fully integrated, electronically controlled security system that is both functional and easily managed. The system allows the free movement of authorised personnel throughout the building whilst maintaining the security needed for the successful operation of the facility. The system accepts that it is not efficient for an operator to monitor multiple live CCTV images from a control location. The challenge therefore was to manage disparate systems from a single user interface. This system allows the operator to monitor every movement throughout the facility and to easily react and control events with simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) screen operations.

Prison Control Room

The project was to renew the existing control room at an historic prison but due to the spatial arrangement of the existing location, it was not possible to undertake the refurbishment whilst maintaining functionality. A separate location was therefore needed for the new control room. The project provided a new control room suite comprising; control room, staff toilet, staff rest room and briefing room. In addition was the replacement of the existing CCTV control and field equipment, including all ancillary works associated with the new control room facility. This project posed many challenges around the seamless changeover of the control rooms within a live prison environment. This was achieved with a combination of a technical solution and migration management which concentrated around a very tight commissioning programme. .

Immigration Removal Centre

The commission was to design an integrated security system is based on a TCP/IP infrastructure to allow for full integration. The concept provides a fully integrated, electronically controlled security system that is both functional and easily managed. The system has been designed to allow the free movement of authorised personnel throughout the facility whilst maintaining the maximum security needed for the successful operation of the facility. The control room is equipped with purpose built consoles and Graphical Users Interfaces (GUIs). Each position monitors the general camera views around the centre at the same time as being notified of each controlled door status. The system automatically highlights the nearest camera to any event that may take place; for example, if an intercom panel is operated, a General Alarm button pressed or a controlled door accessed, the nearest camera to that event will be brought to the screen at the control location to provide video verification of the event.

Critical National Infrastructure

This particular project was to secure a Water Treatment Works with integrated electronic, physical and procedural security systems. The project was to provide the site with CCTV, Access Control and an Intruder Detection system to SEAP Enhanced standard. The facility is the source of clean water supply for a very large region of the UK. As such it forms part of the UK Critical National Infrastructure. This facility houses large quantities of toxic gas that is used in the water treatment process. Specific regulatory requirements are placed on companies by the Security and Emergency Measures Directive (SEMD) to ensure that the water supply is not compromised. The electronic security project installed CCTV, Access Control, Intercom and Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems. Associated with these elements were the system infrastructure, power, control equipment and integration. The control and human interface of the system is via a Security Management System (SMS) Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows bidirectional operation from both the local site and an off-site control centre.

Police Investigation Centres

This project was the design of six police custody suites. The drive throughout the design development was that the system should be a solution to reflect 21st Century technology and be a landmark contribution to the efficiencies made possible by the effective application of such technology. The Facilities incorporate best practice in respect of the protection of Authority Parties and assets from the effects of terrorist and other criminal activity. This system accepts that the primary role of the charge officer is to process detainees. The security management of the building, although paramount, cannot interfere with this procedure. The challenge therefore was to manage disparate systems from a single user interface. This is not to say that the system is fully automated, removing responsibility from the operator. This system allows the operator to make informed decisions based on real time and complete information.

Nuclear Industry Secured Perimeter

Detailed design and project management of a perimeter security system incorporating CCTV, Perimeter Intruder Detection System (PIDS), access control and full electrical and civils design.. The project also included Commissioning Management and compliance policing with responsibility for managing the O&M’s and the Health & Safety File. Our role included full liaison with our client, the end user and specialist installer/suppliers whilst ensuring full compliance with relevant standards and procedures.

Prestigious Business Park

This project was to design an electronic security system and compile a performance specification for tendering purposes for a prestigious business park in Berkshire. The site is comprised of office blocks, a hotel, retail space, a central plaza and car parking. The system allows for CCTV monitoring and recording of people within and moving through the central plaza area, within the car park area and general pedestrian and vehicle routes around the park. The solution includes ANPR, electronic access control and vehicle barriers.

Combined Residential & Retail Development – London

The security strategy for this project provided active electronic systems to facilitate access control to the basement levels and specifically to the private spaces where resident’s bicycles are stored and the market traders store their equipment. CCTV gives general coverage of resident areas on and below the ground floor, such as the entrance lobbies, lift cars and accessible car parking area. This coverage is provided to monitor movements within the resident areas for health and safety purposes and miscreant activity. CCTV is also provided in the public areas on the ground floor and lower podium. Intercom units are installed in the basement areas for communications at the vehicle barrier but also within the disabled refuges and as help points within the car park.